Suggested Aircraft Operating Speeds (Piper Arrow)

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The following represents suggested operating conditions for a Piper Arrow. This is based on information supplied by Martin Rushbrooke, and is for general information only. Note: This data is not specific to G-HALC and no warranty is given as to the relevance, suitability etc. to the operation of G-HALC.

Any comments/suggestions etc. relating to this information would be welcomed in the Discussion Group.

Operating speeds, IAS, mph unless otherwise stated
Climb Speeds Normal Cruise Slow Safe Cruise Final Approach Speeds (TTS+5) X wind limits (kts) Gliding Speed, best range Flap limit Vfe Max man. VA Max Smooth air VNO
Vx Best Angle Vy Best Rate Cruise Climb Short Field Glide Powered
U/C Down
(25deg. flap)
U/C Down
110 145 95
(25deg. flap)
80 95 90 17 kts 105 125 132 170
(25deg. flap)


Type: Lycoming IO-360 (5900cc) / 200BHP @ 2700rpm. Continuous flow fuel injection.
Idling speed 1300 rpm
Power Checks 2000 rpm
Mag drop max: 175rpm, max differential: 50rpm
Fuel capacity 42 Imp. Gals. (50 US Gals)
Fuel grade AVGAS 100
Engine oil capacity 8 US Quarts
Alternator 12V / 60 Amp

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