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The following details changes to the weight and balance schedule following the re-measurement on the 12th July 2000. Please refer to the flight manual for more information. Formal documentation regarding these changes can be found in the aircraft.

NB: all of the figures referenced on these pages relate to the weight as measured in 2000 and do not account for any changes to the aircrft since (e.g. new radio stack, GPS)

On-line weight and balance calculator is available here

Download a weight and balance spreadsheet for MS Excel, here

Max Authorised Weight: 2650 lbs
Basic weight: 1728 lbs Basic weight includes basic manufacture installation plus:
  • 1.66 galls unusable fuel
  • Nil galls unusable oil
  • Garmin GPS 150XL
  • Narco MK12D + TSO
  • Narco MK12D + TSO
  • Trans narco at 150 TSO
  • ADF KR TSO King
The Centre of Gravity of the aircraft with the landing gear extended is: 84.42 inches aft of the datum
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